Types of Ballet Clothes

It is important to understand a few things regarding the different types of ballet clothes that you may want to buy. This is because ballet happens to be a dance form which requires flexibility of movement and for this it is important to wear ballet clothes that promote such flexibility. Unless the ballet clothes worn by the dancer allow for perfect freedom of movement, the dancer will not be able to do justice to their performance. There are several basic types of ballet clothes that every ballet dancer will need to own. These items include leotards and tights. It is also important that these items should fit well and they must also promote the dancer's comfort. In addition, these types of ballet clothes must also provide opportunity for the dancer to stretch their bodies without any hindrance.

Types of Ballet Clothes

Story of ballet performance

It is also important to understand that there are certain types of ballet clothes that help in unraveling the story of the ballet performance. It is important that the dancer learns how to select the right fabrics and colours as well as design. It is also important for the dancer to pick different types of ballet clothes for rehearsals and for the actual performance. The most common types of ballet clothes include tights, leotards and slippers. The ballet slippers must be chosen carefully and should at the very least provide the perfect feel to the dancer.


Leotards are types of ballet clothes that are really a single piece body suit that are available with and without sleeves. If the dancer is going to choose ballet clothes for the actual on-stage performance, then they will want to try wearing items such as skirts, body suits and leggings.

Ballet tutus

Ballet tutus are common types of ballet clothes that are really skirts that have a bodice attached to them and in addition they can also be made with multiple/single layers of cloth. These ballet clothes are really just a piece of fabric that is attached to the dancer's waistline. Sometimes, it may adorn the dancer's hips and of course there are several tutu varieties to pick and choose from. These include romantic tutu skirt, classical, and bell tutu skirts.

Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes should also be chosen with care and must at the very least, match the types of ballet clothes that the performer is going to wear during their performance. These shoes offer the right balance when the ballet dancer is dancing on their toes. Sometimes, these shoes are referred to as Pointe shoes. Those that are made from leather are more expensive and they are very popular because they offer better longevity.

Generally speaking, there are also different types of ballet clothes for adults and children as well as for boys and men as well as girls and women. The most popular ballet clothes are black coloured leotards or pink coloured tights as well as tan shoes. Women tend to tie their hair in a bunch. Some dance studios also may choose to enforce their own dress code for their ballerinas.

The bottom line is that when it comes to learning bout different types of ballet clothes, pink coloured tights, solid coloured leotards and ballet skirts as well as legwarmers are what a ballet dancer would be looking for.